The Power Of Yoga And Exercise

Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and Exercise

Yoga and Exercise are very useful and necessary for our daily life style.It means Physical, Mental, and Spiritual activity of our body.We recommended for all generations because it help’s us to reduce tension, disease, improve relaxation, give piece of mind, improves our strength power and so many things.Its like a magic thing which help us for improving our-self.It gives us resistance power and improves our immunity system.

This is too old for our culture, but slowly we all know the meaning and benefits of this in our daily life.
Today the world celebrated this every year called International YOGA DAY on 21st of June.
The different different type of yogasan’s are available now a days, depends of our health issues we can use yogasan poses.It is very useful to cure our disease.

we have to be followed for avoiding any type of negative impact, like;

1. At the time of Exercise, stomach must be emptied, we should not eat anything before and after 1 hr of doing this process.
2. If someone suffering from any disease, than they will must consult the doctor first for which type of exercise is beneficial for them.
3. For weight loss, it gives us a best result.
4. It gives us a positive attitude, self confidence, for each and every situation.
5. Because help of this will maintain our health and fitness for our body.
6. Daily 30-40 min walk, can change our life.

At that time so many Exercise’s are available for our fitness, or mental health like;
1. Aerobics,
2. Walking,
3. Running/Jogging,
4. Swimming,
5. Bicycling,
6. Jumba etc.

It’s controlling a human’s body, mind, and soul, because of this we can become a good person.
Everyone should try this at one’s in a life, when you will know the power of exercise, u can’t stop yourself to doing this.If you want you can join certification courses of this your near by ares,or free videos are available on youtube, today’s baba ramdev is very popular so you can follow him for more benefits, follow the mantra’s and books.

Benefits of Yoga/exercise;

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