Nutrition For Healthy Life

Importance Of Nutrition In Our Daily Life…


Human Nutrition

Nutrition is very necessary for our daily healthy life, without food we can’t survive a day properly.It means its like food for nourishment for our body. In this world we all are fond of foods, its all about our different different taste type.

Healthy food are very important for growth of our body, physically and mentally.That’s why we should know properly what we eat or not, because less of Nutrition is not good for our body, it will create many problems in future.In now a days people have no time to eat because of their busy schedules, they skip their breakfast/lunch/dinner.At that time we are not aware about its side effects but after some time when energy level gone than we think about that.

Some important point for Nutrition:

1. Everyday we should take healthy breakfast in the morning its very important for our whole day.
2. Everyday we should drink at least 3lt to 5lt water for good health.
3. Eat all types of vegetables, all seasonal fruits, grains etc, this all full of vitamins, minerals, and fibres
which is very good for our health.
4. If you don’t want to do yoga/gym/exercises for your weight loss or gain, or something else, than you will just
maintain your proper healthy diet for a miracle results.
5. For our immunity system it is very important to take a healthy diet.Vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C, vitamin D,
vitamin E and Zinc, this all are necessary for good health.
6. If you can’t eat proper diet in lunch/dinner in one time, so its best cure is you will eat every 2hr, its good for our body.
7. We have a lot of diets plan for every age group, or consultants and so many things.But you have to just follow the basic this tips for your daily life routine than u would never need a doctor for any health disease.

Nutritional value information;

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Its never too early or too late,
To work towards,
Being the Healthiest you!!!

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