Kids Yoga

Kids yoga for good health:


Yoga good for everyone, so why we are nor encourage our kids to do that. We should get inspire them to do that with lots of way, like as a fun, way of exercise, playing, or to showing the story books.

Advantages of  yoga in daily life:

its good for their mentally and physically health.
Its gives a lot of imagination power and strength or flexibility to kids.
Its helps for sleep better.
Its helps them for stress and get relaxed.
Its developed the self confidence and body awareness.
Its very good for healthy lifestyle,keep away from disease.
Its improve their muscles tone.
It’s good for immunity system for their body.

Here some easy poses for daily yoga:

Crescent Moon Pose

Butterfly pose:


Crow pose:


Dancing pose:


Dolphin pose:


Eagle arm pose:


Easy yoga pose:


To know from the research that because of yoga childrens improve their ability to do everything, pay attention on their work, calm down of difficult situations. At Least weekly trice they should to do this.
Feel free to change their poses, and movements, dont push them for perfection.Whenever the age you think about start the yoga just go for that. Let them enjoy yoga as fun for them and will see the good results.

To know more about yoga and exercises, please go through this link:
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